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*The World Was So Recent, That Many Things Had No Name, And To Mention Them You Had To Point Them Out With Your Finger. 

The title quotes 100 years of solitude by Gabriel García Márquez, wherein he builds a fictional town from a narrative. in a cinematic approach, while walking all over the city with no place to go, I create a landscape that is not really a place but a state of mind that allows you to see as you want to see it.

Using images that depict unnoticeable and forgotten elements that compose a city, I shoot a complete sequence in a film strip fragmenting it into frames where fantasy and realism meet the cinematic. By mixing abstract, documentary and landscape images, I create a still film where movement is perceived by the audience as they walk through the sequence


El Mundo Era Tan Reciente, Que Muchas Cosas Carecían de Nombre,
Y Para Mencionarlas Había Que Apuntarlas Con El Dedo.*

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